How to Get the Cheapest Tickets to Theme Parks in the Gold Coast

There are many companies in the Gold Coast that offer discounts to theme parks and attractions in the Gold Coast, but the best discount I have found is the offer from Wyndham Hotels.

They offer huge discounts on tourist attractions and theme parks but the catch is that they will ask you to attend a presentation to try to persuade you to buy into their timeshare scam (I mean scheme)!

There are many booths in central Surfers Paradise are selling this offer. We got ours from Cavill Ave opposite McDonalds. Turn up to one, choose the attraction you would like and book into attend a presentation at the local Wyndham resort.

We chose the family season pass to Dreamworld. We chose this as we had already been to Sea World, Movie World and Wet n Wild four years ago and we planned to go to Dreamworld more than twice.

We got our tickets for $220 for two adults and two children (RRP $476)

You need to weigh up whether giving up 90 minutes of your holiday is worth the savings to go to Dreamworld.

On arrival they asked us to fill up a form. The most personal questions were what is our occupation and how much did we earn. Criteria to attend the presentation is that you have a job, earn over $90,000 per annum and either live in New Zealand or Australia, so remember this when you fill the form in. They don’t want to bother with bums who can’t afford to holiday.

The presentation lasted 90 minutes and included free coffee, a hotel tour and the kids got to attend their small kids club. The time went by pretty quickly.

I did some research beforehand so made sure I knew why the timeshare was such a bad deal:,

They are pretty friendly and convincing and as long as you are strong enough to keep your hands away from your wallet, say no and stick to it, you can walk away from this experience better off.

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